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For your convenience Stutt Trading stocks a wide variety of fertilisers from local and international market leaders in fertiliser production.


Our range varies from chemical to organic fertilisers and everything inbetween.

Our Fertiliser Suppliers


With Kynoch’s innovative and tailor-made products you can apply fertilizer according to the needs and growth stages of your different crops. In this way, Kynoch ensures that your crops are given what they need, when they need it most. Furthermore, you have peace of mind, because you know with Kynoch on your farm from the outset, you get the most out of your crop and can be assured of improved efficiency in crop quality and yield potential.

Kynoch has developed a complete range of products (nutrition) to cater for the crop-specific and growth-stage specific needs of your crops.

Constantia Fertiliser

Constantia Fertiliser aims to add value to the TWK Group by specific manufactured products to satisfy the needs of the clients. These products are distributed throughout South Africa by their branch networks and our professional salespersons.

The Constantia Fertiliser infrastructure consists of blending facilities in Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Secunda, Wellington, Nelspruit (Alkmaar) and Port Elizabeth.

Gavilon South Africa

Gavilon South Africa (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2009. MacroSource, LLC is the new name of the multinational, legacy company of Gavilon Fertilizer, LLC and its subsidiaries in China, México, Perú, and South Africa. MacroSource is one of the largest wholesale providers of pre-treated Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs) in the USA.


Growers in the world face challenges each season in managing nitrogen inputs for their crops. At MacroSource, we provide retailers with pre-treated nitrogen fertilizers stabilized to reduce the grower’s risk of nitrogen loss.

Their EEFs contain the active ingredients NBPT & DCD, which are documented by university testing and defined by AAPFCO (American Association of Plant Food Control Officials) as urease and nitrification inhibitors.

Organic OFMB

OFMB was registered in 2011. A joint venture company was formed with Botswana and International shareholders as a result of Mike Hallam's vision to utilize locally produced animal waste products primarily from Beef Feedlots. OFMB has invested in and installed a state of the art blending and bagging plant with a capacity of 60,000 tons per annum.

All of their Organic Fertilizers are manufactured from composted Cattle Manure, Gypsum and Carbon with other products added depending on the Fertilizer being produced.

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