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Stutt trading stocks a wide range of quality pet food to ensure that your pets' nutritional needs are met. We stock cat, dog and bird food for all breeds, sizes and life stages. Have a look at our  products and feel free to contact us for advice on which option would best suit your pet's needs.

Stutt Trading Stocks:


AVI-PLUS offers a wide range of vitamins to promote overall bird health.  Birds can receive many of these needed vitamins and minerals within a pelleted diet, but some birds might require additional nutritional supplements.


Vitamin supplementation is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your bird is receiving the vitamins it needs.

Lionel's Choice Dog Food

They are proud about what goes into their dog food - So much so that they don’t use vague terms such as ‘animal derivatives’ and ‘plant derivatives’ to describe the ingredients; NO they name every single one of them on their bag – simply because they have nothing to hide! Only wholesome, nutritious food that gives your dog the balanced diet he/she needs! 

Lionel’s Choice Puppy food provides the ideal balance of nutrients to aid the rapid growth in puppies. Lionel’s Choice Adult food is a hypoallergenic formula, single animal protein diet (chicken) supporting gut, skin and coat health, minimising digestive upsets and allergies.


  • No Soya. No Fish.

  • No artificial Colourants.

  • No added sugar.

  • No artificial palatants.


Menu is formulated as a healthy maintenance diet for adult dogs. Menu contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids your adult dog needs to sustain balanced health.


Carefully selected, quality ingredients will ensure that your dog will enjoy.

Montego Pet Nutrition

While the benefits vary, all their excellent products are made using the finest ingredients, in carefully calculated proportions and according to their original recipes – then cooked to perfection in their world-class factory.

There are no less than five nutrition brands for dogs (Classic, Monty & Me, WUMA!, Karoo and Field + Forest™); three for cats (Classic, Monty & Me and Karoo) a brand of treats for dogs (Bags O’ Wags) as well as one for cats (Packs O’ Purrs), toppers (Sauce for Dogs), and pet wellness & grooming products (XenPet).


Technopet is a wholly owned South African company, the inception of Technopet was in 1997, by a consortium of animal nutritionists.

Technopet dog food is formulated for all types of dogs with the harsh African conditions in mind. The pellets are small and can be softened during early stage solid feeding, but strong recommendation as a dry food for subsequent growth stages. It is recommended for the domestic owner who values their dog’s condition, the product is formulated as a complete diet.

JOCK Dog Food

JOCK Dog Food is scientifically formulated to unleash your dog’s inner legend, because heroes aren’t born, they’re made. As they only use quality ingredients, their veterinary-formulated dog food is not only delicious, but also rich in protein and loaded with essential minerals and vitamins to address your dog’s day-to-day nutritional needs.

JOCK Grandeur is scientifically formulated for large and giant dog breed's and comes with three options; Adult, Junior & Puppy Food.

JOCK Multistage is formulated to get active dogs’ tails wagging. Suitable for adult & active dogs as well as for puppies, late pregnant
and lactating bitches.

JOCK Value offers value for all dog breeds, a complete and balanced nutrition.

Lionel's Choice Cat Food

Lionel’s Choice Adult cat food is rich in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coat, added Taurine for healthy eyesight and proper functioning of the heart muscle and prebiotics for added digestive support..


Lionel's Choice supporting your cat for the adventures they enjoy.

Ideal Cat Food

Ideal Supreme Adult Cat Food is formulated with the good health of your feline friend in mind, and is exactly the same tasty, nutritious product to which your cat is accustomed.

Ingredients: Cereals, Meat and animal derivatives, Fish and Fish derivatives, Oils and Fats, Vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Taurine, Casein, Anti-oxidant.

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